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About us

The past of NORGESTION, its present and its future contain one essential ingredient: its team of professionals, who are highly qualified and of proven experience, with services ranging from legal and tax advice, M&A or strategic consulting to business management and interim management..

We form a multi-discipline team of more than 60 professionals who work in close collaboration with our clients in search of excellent results. Consequently, we are proud of the level of involvement and commitment we have given our clients over the years, including family businesses and multinationals.

 Luis Ignacio Lizarraga

Luis Ignacio Lizarraga President

 Jesús Ruiz de Alegría

Jesús Ruiz de Alegría Honorary President

 José Antonio Barrena

José Antonio Barrena General Manager

 Jokin Azurza

Jokin Azurza Lawyer Partner

 Oscar Sánchez

Óscar Sánchez Partner

 Maarten August de Jongh

Maarten de Jongh Partner

 Maarten August de Jongh

Iñigo Bilbao Lawyer Partner

 Bruno Ruiz Arrúe

Bruno Ruiz Arrúe Partner

 Iñigo Garmendia

Iñigo Garmendia Partner

 Igor Gorostiaga

Igor Gorostiaga Partner

 Ane Alkorta

Ane Alkorta Lawyer Partner

 Fernando Fernández de Santaella

Fernando Fernández de Santaella Partner

 Yon Arratibel

Yon Arratibel Partner

 Marta Vera

Marta Vera Senior advisor

 Marian Gutiérrez

Marian Gutiérrez Senior advisor

 Jon Ander Munduate

Jon Ander Munduate Lawyer Partner

 Mario Senra

Mario Senra Partner

 Adán Pérez

Adán Pérez Lawyer Partner

 Jorge Sirodey

Jorge Sirodey Lawyer Partner

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